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Orange Hair. Nami is granddaughter of Rocks.
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Watch Nami get conquerors before Lanji

Nami will get Conqueror haki and Nami is D.

Will fight Im (I am sure of it , skypiea is literally mini version of one piece).

Those Sanjisisters who called her useless and not important , I will hunt you all down .
His father didn't have Conqueror haki what's makes you think he will get COC.
Facts I forgot. Lanji hasn’t even been hinted to get it.

Nami been hinted at having Conquerors ever since Oda juxtaposed Luffy knocking down everyone in the prison with it and Nami knocking everyone out in the bathhouse.

Plus Big Meme and Hancock both have it. Only right that the main female of this era has it as well.
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