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-Chapter 1048: "Kozuki Hiyori"
-Marco meets up with Franky
-Killer and the Kid Pirates arrived at Apoos and Ibis Location
-Apoo and Ibi started fighting each other. Ibi is annoyed the way Apoo orders him around
-Killers cuts Apoo

-Hiyori waited for Orochi to come close as possible to her she draws Ame no Habakiri which was under her Kimono.
-Hiyori Flashback with Oden
-Chapter Ends with Hiyori stabbing trough Orochis Heart and showing her Kozuki Emblem

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Where's everyone going? Bingo?
wouldn't be surprised if Nami has the 2nd most panels in the story, she gets a lot of side quest in arcs
Not only that, but Oda uses Nami a lot for exposition about the world and stuff

she's usually there to comment and / or question
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NO dont comfirm just enjoy :kuzanshut:
fake spoilers are punishable by death btw

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