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Absolutely yeah, I've seen a lot of people say the manga looks much worse now and the anime definitely does especially post TS imo but also lately. I saw some panels of pre TS and they looked so simplistic but so powerful, focused, stunning etc.

That's exactly it too, its too chaotic, too saturated, too messy.
Yup, the link you've included is a good example for that. I also like the attention to details for the "post ts" example. "Break next week." lol. I have learned from studying Odas manga pages and others that professional ink illustrations live very much from sitting down patiently to draw clean lines, create clean consistent cross hatching and watch your line weight closely. Manga being such a minimalistic style stresses that fact even more. If your lines suffer the page looks messy and the overall quality suffers, even if you have the fundamentals set up correctly. The effort to make it look clean in most cases makes the difference between a professional and an amateur. It's the steep 20% end of the learning curve, that makes many throw in the towel. So it's kinda sad, that Oda had done it so well only to step back from that. (However if that is due to age and stress, it's not a complain but simply an observation.)

I've really felt the writing has become an ADHD fest post TS and this is coming from someone with ADHD too ofc.

The story really did carry itself much better pre TS. It wasnt' so ham fisted, so desperate for our approval and to say certain messages, especially over and over. it was much more individual and thus character focused, much simpler and better for it.
1000% agree with you here. The story gave the audience more room to breath and valued the audiences judgement pre ts a lot more, too, because it wasn't so "in your face". In contrast, there is for example Kozuki Oden. I like him as a character with all his flaws. I like his role in the story. I loved his flashback, the insights with Whitebeard and the connection to rogers journey with all its throwbacks to luffys journey and the nostagia that comes with all these links. But once this flashback was over and Yamato was introduced as Oden and the Oden doppelganger appeared and Kaido saw Oden in Zoros attack and everyone saw Oden or had a connection to Oden and everything was connected to Oden. Basically everything was Oden in the story. He was brought up again and again. Chapter by chapter. The whole Oden thing to me became like:

Same thing with Momos flashbacks and the flashbacks of Odens retainers. It's just too much. I also felt the same way with Sanjis backstory in Zou, WCI & Wano. I emphasize with their terrible past very much, but too much repeated throwbacks is just too much even for the most empathic person in the room.

It's definitely the first two at least, the third option is possible too. He could have gotten addicted to various things especially in this technological social media and internet generation, during his increased downtime and such. I think he had a month break before starting the post TS in the manga too?

Shueisha and Oda and his editors are probably trying to adapt the manga to the over stimulated and low attention span generation too, the zoomers obsessed with hype, action, auras, speed and such. Unleashing my true boomer-san energy now lmfao.
Well, I think it's not only a matter of these 4 weeks of a break, but I guess in general many people have become extremely overwhelmed by their information intake in the past decade (through addictive messengers, app push notifications, social media, news, fast paced games, etc.). At least this is what I have observed in many peopole I have met. Besides I am pre 30 and suffer from it, too, so I guess its not only a boomer-energy thing ;D.

However, they definitely do try to adapt to the fast paced world. I wonder though if they also consider: "What is too much adaption?" e.g. when the quality of the plot or visuals suffer. I think a little bit should be paddled back on the empty hype front, because just as with junk food, a hollow story is just not engaging anymore and people jump off if they get nothing out of it anymore. Wouldnt it be better to try keeping a profound experience - especially since this story will probably exist beyound shonen jump magazine?!

Completely agree. This place, Drizzt and Dustans channels whilst they lasted and r/Piratefolk have been a desperate source of reassurance and sanity for me. I can really relate. You get treated like crazy and a hater for noticing the emerging cracks and refusing to ignore them. Even when the ship starts sinking, they refuse to admit it is. They refuse to admit water is leaking in and slowly flooding the ship.
Reddit, is this you? lol. Definitely had the same experience. You are not allowed to voice criticism in some communities, because "how can you not hype this and that?" and "Goda cant fail us!! He is a genius!" The worst part were the past weeks, when luffy fans spoiled half the internet with details for the new chapter each week. A lot of people got pissed about their unbiased readership being ruined, then about the overhyped events in the chapter itself and then about the "How can you not hype this?" backlash afterwards. The constant hype is ruining the story for a lot of people and open ended plot lines that get thrown in the bin halfway through the arc do the rest ... by leaving fans fighting in anger and in denial (*cries in neglected zoro storylines*). T___T

Go for it! You might really enjoy them hopefully! Sengoku Basara is really good, based on the games that I love, well I only played the 3rd one which was on Wii but I LOVE that game! The English voice acting actually is really good imo too! Although it has some real cheesiness with the fodder characters too lol. Kinda charming and quite cheesy. Muramasa is Wii and PS Vita game too and its really beautiful, fun, good and stylish too. Very cool concept too. Its by Vanillaware who did Odin Sphere and Dragons Crown I think, similar style to them.
I will definitely check that out! (Also because I am curious since it was referenced a lot in Gintama, hehe) Thank you very much for the recommendation(s)! :)

Thats fair haha. I've only see 61 episodes of Gintama for some reason but i've seen clips of later episodes too. I stopped at the first serious arc ironically, Benizakura? Ive heard it has the best villain and its the best arc too lol.

A vending machine? I'm curious about that now haha. I could think of possibilities of why that would be sad knowing Sorachi and Gintama tbh.

Yeah I heard he really wanted to finish it on his own terms or something? He really cared about his series. I always felt he was extremely sincere with Gintama and in his author comments or so, he came across as like that and very humble too.

I really need to catch up and actually watch the full series and movies now, its all fully ended right? I've missed out on so much lol.
Yup a vending machine, which has no voice actor either. So... xD If you liked the first couple of stories, you definitely need to check out more episodes! The Benizakura arc is the first serious arc, but not the best yet. I 100% recommend you check out the rest and just take your time with it. It's a finished story by now so you are not missing out on anything in the end and can just enjoy the ride. :) If you want to we can also text back and forth a bit about the nonsense that happened, too. I'd love to hear your opinion about the story ...or lack thereof in Gintama, hoho. lmao. Just dm if you want. :)
Chapitre 1050 " La Gloire"
  • On voit Cracker en face des intruders
  • Chapitre commence avec Momo et Yamato très émus de voir Luffy gagner son combat
  • Tout le monde se sont mis à célébrer ces victoires ultimes contre les deux empereurs (y a aussi Zoro qui ouvre ses yeux en souriant un peu)
  • Momo crie "ouvrer les bords de Wanokuni"
  • À la fin du chapitre , Wanokuni tremble fortement à cause de Kaido qui utilise son awakening.
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Kaido's awakening. :finally:

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You neeeeed to watch episode 2!

One of my all time favorite dinosaurs just showed up. (no spoilers)
LMAOOOOOO just saw this, you’re a sucker for tyrannosaurid family just as much as I am huh?

I know it’s cliché and even overrated, but they’re my absolute favorite, I’ve got no resistance towards the king of dinosaurs and his fellow relatives
What’s your favorite marine reptile?
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