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Chapitre 1050 " La Gloire"
  • On voit Cracker en face des intruders
  • Chapitre commence avec Momo et Yamato très émus de voir Luffy gagner son combat
  • Tout le monde se sont mis à célébrer ces victoires ultimes contre les deux empereurs (y a aussi Zoro qui ouvre ses yeux en souriant un peu)
  • Momo crie "ouvrer les bords de Wanokuni"
  • À la fin du chapitre , Wanokuni tremble fortement à cause de Kaido qui utilise son awakening.
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Him acting like a clown is what ended up making Wano love him so much, and his sacrifice made Kaido's own daughter turn on him, so thats hardly meaningless
It is meaningless because he wasted how many years acting the clown instead of waging war against Kaido that could have potentially saved Wano way earlier. The thing that was holding him back was the inevitable casualites of war but as we've seen that was BS in the manga. No soul perished when he fought Kaido. The Yamato and Wanonese shkit later on was a non variable at that time.
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