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Gol D. Roger

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Doesn't seem legit to me, 2 billions should be right cause at least they took Linlin all by themselves, not with the assistance of 15 other people.

How reliable is that source?

It's probably not legit but we can't dismiss the provider. They say it's the person who leaks the images, so he is not as reliable as the usual providers but he isn't exactly an unreliable person. Honestly, those bounties make sense to me except for Zoro and Sanji bounteis. I was expecting smaller bounties for them.
They were frozen bounties. Kaido is a different story altogether because he is the first person Luffy beat that still outclasses Luffy in multiple areas and doesn't have a frozen bounty.

kaido outclasses luffy in nothing. he has mastered all advanced forms of haki has a stronger df than kaido's and has awakened it.

the only thing i might give you is kaido having a better mastery over his fruit because of more time with it.

heal 100% kaido and luffy and make them fight again. like now, next chapter. i guarantee you luffy will maul him.
Sounds fake
First of all, there’s no hype with Luffy only getting 3+ bill, it’s reasonable
Everybody expects it, Oda will always go for that hype factor more so than a logical increase
Law and Kid beating BM will get only 1.6-1.7? sounds fake again
Luffy got 1.5 from beating Kat and Cracker, 2 fodders in the grand scheme of things


is probably playing Overwatch 2
Chapter 1052 "Deer in the headlights" confirmed by Redon on Arlong Park Forums
- We flashback to zoros training, vista was the real person who trained him
- Vista teaches zoro about his 3rd blade aka yoru which he turned into a black blade, 20 years ago
- We cut back to present showing mihawk beheaded and vista using 3 sword style
- Vista turned his other 2 blades black
- We see Fujitora and Kizaru on Kuraigana Island
- Then we cut to shanks talking to his crew
- Mihawk was faking and shanks let him have the hype to get the WG off his back about being Xebecs son
- In the final page we get bounties all get 2b upgrades, no one gives a fuck​
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