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Chapter 1053 (compilation from multiple sources, including @SeaTonnes)
- The newspaper mentions who are the new emperors: Luffy and Buggy

- Luffy's bounty is 3.6 billion
- Kidd and Law's bounty are the same (1.6-1.7 billion)
- Zoro's bounty is 1.49 billion
- Sanji's bounty is 1.36 billion
- Chopper's bounty is no longer a gag
- Strawhats have combined bounty of over 8 billion
- Yamato asks Luffy to join the crew but she is not accepted yet
- Robin reads the road poneglyph shown by Denjiro
- Greenbull and Fujitora are on their way to flower capital

- Greenbull's face is revealed, he is a known character
That fraud Lance said the bounty were incorrect the last time I posted.
To be honest Luffy has a lot of them too and even moreso ties to Garp/Dragon/Ace

Is responsible for some of the WG Kingdoms to lean onto his side

Has a grand fleet

But anyway 2 billion+ increase is still not small
What if Luffy's bounty is not revealed yet, Lance said that "none of the revealed bounties are over Kaido's".
Either Luffy's bounty is lower (more likely) or it's not revealed.
I sought to guess it's lower since people who seemingly "already know" are saying it's lower but it may as well be his bounty is just not revealed.
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