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Chapter 1053: "At the dawn of a great upheaval"

- Robin finds the Road Phoneglyph, but decides to wait to read it with the others after the banquet.
- The alliance got together and they started a big banquet.
- A new Sea Emperor revealed, Luffy with a fugitive 3,560,110,000 and Baggy with 4,064,200,000 (the latter is said to have done something big recently, now Mariejoa is not at the "Wall of the line Red", but at the "Bridge" " in Red lines).
-4 Sea Emperors [Yonkou]: - Shanks - Baggy -Luffy
-Kurohige In this order with each new fugitive that ascended.
- Kaido and Big Mom are still in life, but seriously injured and burned.
-Ryukugyu arrives in Wano and tries to kill Kaido and Big Mom.-Ryukugyu's fruit is Shuto Shuto no mi (Fruit of the Sapling) seems to be a powerful attack with given roots and plants haki.
-The alliance rests after the banquet, the chapter ends with Ryukugyu fiercely appearing from the ground, in the middle of everyone and start talking about Sabo.

-The next four weeks will be off
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Luffy thanked Marco for Help in Marineford
Franky's Bounty is higher than Usopp's
No Bounty is higher than Kaidou's or Big Mom's
Zoro's Bounty is higher than Sanji's
Some Poneglyph Info
Wano Party shown

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