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What are you guys thinking about this theory?
I find it good maybe pluton is not made out of seastone but it won‘t surprise me if it is .
and the thing about volcanic stones made me think about it and this panel came to my mind .

In the animr version its even more clear the vapor of melting something in the background.

The Kozuki could even have played a cruital part in building the pluton ,with there craftmanship .
The made stones that lasted over 800 years so why not make a weapon out of it to last for the same time.
I thought that marine's ships are coated with think layer of sea prism :zorothink: I was mistaken apparently
another reason for pluton beeing made of seastone could be the seakings don‘t see it like with marineships.
that could mean poseidon could not counter pluton :quest:
if thats the case it would be the same way around ,so any ancient weapons can‘t be stronger than the other to balance things out:hope:
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