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Don't know the chapter
We're watching the cut down version of the anime
But the episode was episode 193 at the timecode 13:20
Basically Wyper is collapsed, Zoro says to treat him first Sanji says they don't owe him anything
Ayo sound like some fascinating stuff I'll watch it thx.

when i first read his take on it i got reminded of the moment where sanji tells chopper not to Aid Ussop for it will just add slat to his wounds if he is shown any empathy

Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
I had been thinking about this from time to time... Sanji does have these moments from time to time where's he's not kind at all:zorothink: like in.punk.hazard where he only helps the kids bc Nami wants it
Or when he told Jinbe to kill himself lmao

Lol. Is he ok with this or how does he feel about it?
If he's already annoyed by it he might have a hard time as the story progresses*cough Wano cough*
kinda matter-of-factly, doesn't really care but it is an element he acknowledges, though I imagine he'll start calling it out more now
It's especially funny since we're watching Supernatural alongside this (On Season 3 no spoils pls) and characters (even bigger ones) straight up die all the time

I don't understand how he doesn't care about the side characters at all?
I think he liked some moments, though I'm not sure myself
Didn't have any big feelings towards Noland's flashback
Thought Wyper didn't really redeem himself and that it was rushed
Thought Conis was ok, I actually gained respect for her since I haven't seen the series in the while, she took initiative and saved a lot of people despite their treatment of her

But yea, I think LRLL and Water 7 will be a hype experience for him
One thing I'm looking forward to is the part in Op 6 where Sanji and Kalifa clash
Cause he's gonna get really hype about Sanji fighting a woman
little does he know
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