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Spoilers 1055:

Greenbull is beating up momonosuke but shanks shows up to stop him.

Shanks says this is his friends country, so gb must be prepared, because he fights for his friends.

Greenbull and shanks both use advanced coc and split the sky in half. Shanks notes that greenbull has a black blade just like Hawkeye.

Greenbul says he really wants to capture luffy for akainu, but not worthed to fight red hair for it. He says there will be other opportunities to capture straw hat luffy, and he leaves.

Shanks talk with momonosuke but tells him not to say anything to luffy.

Luffy and straw hats read the news papers, we see bounties of all straw hats, sanji and zoro have........
FAKE. Shanks already ran away because he didn't want to get caught up in Kid's CoC burst.:suresure:
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*Mandatory Reddit bash* Fuck you Kirosh, you swine. Stealing stuff from here and acting like you own everything. If you see this, fuck off to reddit and stroke to Oda.
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:doffycry: :risicheck:Admiral fans "no way, can't be real,.."
:willsmith:Me "told ya"

:specialmeh:"anyway, I don't even like OP fav is Kingdom bla bla" when their headcanons didn't happen
Also ," one piece is down the drain, Loda is finished, you all are stupid, eat shit because my retarded headcannon hasn't come true.*
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