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CoC: Color of Clowns

Give us the Caribou chapter we crave Oda
So Kid also decides to promote film red?

what’s next? Chapter 1057 we get the celestial dragons talking about Shanks?
Shanks hasn't even fought anyone yet, and he's this hyped. Oda has used Four Admirals, and a movie, to wank Shanks.

I can't even imagine what this man will do in a fight. Piss on the moon? It's possible.
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And HOW THE FUCK would that be better if he was?
I meant Momo and Hiyori adopting O-Toko into the Kozuki family as a little sister/daughter to Hiyori. Since Yasuie is dead, Toko needs a family/place to live. Sorry, I was trying to say something wholesome, but made it sound really weird. I just want O-Toko to have a family and be happy.
I have Kizaru, Aokiji, and Mihawk high up because of their ability to get through Marineford casually with no damage. One Piece is actually a pretty consistent series: the strongest characters are generally the most cool and confident.

Mihawk has never shown the slightest bit of fear in a single encounter. He stands right next to Shanks, just as Zoro does to Luffy. Anyone who stands at the peak of their craft is an utter monster in One Piece. Mihawk is high top-tier.
That's true, but many OP fans today started trashing his character. That's why I want Oda to portray his true strength just like he did with Shanks in the last chapter.
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