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An extra chapter of Robin vs Black Maria or Franky vs Sasaki or better yet Zoro vs King or Sanji vs Queen

Like holy shit
Exacty. Especially Franky vs Sasaki that was fun but felt extremely short to me.
2 chapters for Sasaki
1 more chapter for Who’s Who
2 chapters for Jack
1 chapter more for King/Queen

is alll easily possible if she’s written out

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Justice Will Prevail.
Napoli pizza is different bro, eat it one time and it blow up everything, sooo good...
I eat lot of pizza in germany, no one come even close to Napoli versions.
Yeah absolutely! My fave Italian former restaurant did amazing ones over here but there are some few other ones that do amazing ones too to to be fair!

Best kind of pizza imo! Absolutely nothing like it! I tried a Turkish one recently, Pide or so and it was pretty nice though!
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