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Rocbouquet - The queen of an island of warrior woman who has a temptation skill that charms men. (Hancock)
Kujinshi - He steals souls and can create zombies. (Moria)
Dantarg - A ‘tyrant’ who modified his body to become stronger. (Kuma)
Bokuohn - He controls people like puppets. (Doflamingo)
Subier - A half octopus merman who controls the flow of the ocean to use as a weapon. (Jinbei)
Noel - A powerful swordsman with a strict code of honor. (Mihawk)
Wagnas - He doesn’t have sand powers, but his plot is that he wanted to find an ancient inscription telling the location of a powerful weapon so he could take over a country. (…Crocodile)

…And apparently he is both male and female. Something like a male soul possessing a female body.

And Noel (Mihawk) is the brother of Rocbouquet (Hancock) & is close friends with Wagnas (Crocodile)....

Mihawk being the son of Shakky (Kuja empress) & Rayleigh is probably correct :myman:
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