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Alright I'll bite. Carrot was introduced in zou. She played a majorish role in wci(even if you like wci and her or not, that is just what happened). Then in wano, she got sidelined hard. But she wasn't the only one that got sidelined. Even zoro, whose grand arc wano was supposed to be, got sidelined.

So, if your problem with her is she isn't much of a character, then you can get a better character with development when/if she joins and gets time to shine in an arc other than wano which was already overloaded with useless side characters.
Really compared Wano Carrot to Zoro :milaugh::milaugh:
its just tan expression in Spanish, “al rojo vivo” means basically hot topic, so he basically said the new nakama topic will continue to be a hot topic, he also did NOT capitalized the letter “R” (I just checked again to make sure).
That Viví thing sound plausible.
Ah, okay. Thanks for explaining! It seems the R is capitalized in OPNEWS_2022's post, so that's why I was wondering.

oda is now copying naruto ending
luffy: new joyboy= naruto: asura
Yeah, because the final boss of a story being insanely powerful is a thing exclusive to Naruto... :whitepress:
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He can’t make a barrier in an instant.
And even harder in a combo, while he was getting combo’ed he likely can’t process surrounding the same as normally, like most cases.
Madara was actually trying to move, but he couldn’t. Forming a 360 degrees shield was the next option, and he still made it in time, once the combo breaks, still has time to counter attack, what does that say about his reaction time?
He can.

last time we see Madara

next time we see him one page later

the fact he fails to respond to several of Gai’s attacks and completes his barrier to be spherical says Gai him outmatched in speed. He could not keep up.
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