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And why is that nothing? Mihawk has achieved success and now he wants somebody else to succeed him. He is perfectly fine character.

In fact, Shanks feel like somebody who inspired Luffy, a Jesus figure. While Mihawk feels like an actual person.

Why does he need to be in the main story? To be Luffy's cheerleader?
Let him be. The guy has 0 clue about world building, the strongest aspect of One Piece.
one piece chapter 1060: "The Man Marked with Flame"

- cover shows katakuri lying down on ground. "Will you someday beat big mom, oven?"
- the story goes back to the strawhats sailing the sea. Nami says they are going to reach their destination soon
- everyone is chilling on the ship. Sanji is playing with chuji, who has become his pet
- usopp is looking through a goggle. He has confused feeling upon seeing a vast plain land without anything there
- the ship reaches the land. The strawhats take off from the ship. Sanji is worried because chuji runs off in this new island
- luffy zoro jinbe franky sanji starts exploring the land while looking for chuuji as well. The rest strawhats stay on the ship
- the land seems untouched, there is no sign of any living creature.
- after a while, they notice there is something unnatural about the land. The terrain of the land is not flat, like it has been cut by something
- They see someone standing far away from them. A man with a sword.
- the man is staring at them. Various flame scars are seen across his body. The man then turns back.
- Upon walking, the man accidentally steps on a rat to death. It was chuji.
- sanji is furious and uses IJ. Sanji attacks him from behind.
- Sanji's legs crack
- sanji: "AAAAGGGGHHHHHH". Sanji crawls on the ground and lets out a wail.
- the man unsheathes his sword and jumps at the other strawhats.
- zoro unsheathes sandai kitetsu
- zoro clashes with the unknown man. The sky is split.
- luffy: "T-this is just like when I fought, it's actually bigger!"
- jinbe and franky's heart beat faster. Sanji foams at his mouth and loses his consciousness
- the strange man talks. "That's the third generation....."
- zoro: "Huh? How do you know that?"
- the man stops fighting. "My sword is the first generation"
- dialogue box shows the man's true identity.
- Rocks D. Xebec. Bounty: 6 billions

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