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I love autumn! When I think fall, I also think apples! Apple picking, apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, and caramel apples.
green apples low diff red apples >> yellow apples

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that whole channel is prime top 1 clickbait material
i legit only subscribed to look at the dumbass crazy thumbnails and never watched a single video
I love apples, probably my fav fruit but I hate sour
Red apples > yellow apples > green apples for me
I'm the opposite, I hate sweet things

so Green apples best for me

Red apples overrated tbh i ate too much of them that i no longer even taste them theyre just mid to me now

Yellow apples too sweet and small, also idk if its just me but everytime i buy them their skin always dirty

though we all know Bananas top 1 fruit neg diff all of them anyway


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Okay, so, let's run some inventory on my insanity.

Shit I fully believe in:
-Carrot, Yamato, and Tama for Nakama (I also consider Vivi to be a Straw Hat, but a lot of people do, so that's not too crazy)
-Wano Act 4
-Blackbeard resurrecting Ace and Whitebeard as Zombies
-Zoro Kills Zombie Kaido
-Zoro is from the past and is the son of Ryuma
-Onigashima is Joy Boy's Skull, and his corpse is buried under Wano
-Big Mom will make a giant volcano Homie to attack Wano

When it comes to actual takes about the series, I think I am the most insane.
You're a dangerous person I swear
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