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CoC: Color of Clowns

Cocking Haki? In a Franky arc?
Just pretend it doesn't exist, the more you think about it, the worst it gets.
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he's be such a overprotective father gosh
Akainu: "I built a bunch of volcanos outside, which will consume anyone who tries to enter the house while I'm gone in a sea of fiery death. So, don't invite your boyfriend over, or he'll burn up in magma. Dinner's in the fridge, I love you, be back by 10."

Me: "Damn it, dad, why are you like this?!?!?"

(Kizaru opens the door to the kitchen and walks in with his pants inside out. Cue audience applause and laugh track).
Kizaru: "I lost my car keys, has anyone seen them?"

Akainu: "You fly to work, Borsalino; you're made of light, remember? Also, fix your pants before we get to HQ, or I'll have to fine you, again."

Kizaru: "Oooohhhhhhh. My car keys were in my other pants, that I didn't pick up from the cleaners." (walks outside and causes a volcanic eruption)

Coming soon to Netflix: My Crazy Admiral Dads

Akainu and Kizaru having a Bert and Ernie relationship would be fucking hilarious. After Marineford, they go back to their apartment and sleep in a bunk bed.
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One thing doesn’t go bad with age, devil fruits. Old age affected Garp more than it did Wb in terms of AP.
Have you even read Sengoku’s dialogue in that arc? Every third sentence he reiterates how Whitebeard is the strongest man lmao
What? :lawsigh:

Wasn't Whitebeard on a breathing tube for a long time? He clearly declined within the past 20 something years before then. He only managed to injure Akainu somewhat, but not enough to finish him. If he were in his prime, I'm sure he would've been able to beat him easily.

Also, I think you're misunderstanding what Sengoku meant. He was considered the strongest man, but he had already held that title for many years before. Of course old age is gonna affect him. It would affect pretty much anyone to a degree.

He and his crew were still pretty strong and well-known throughout the world, so that's why the Navy feared them.

From what it seems, Garp doesn't even have a DF. You can't even compare him to Whitebeard. You'd be closer if you compared him to Roger instead. Both didn't have a DF and relied solely on their strength. Garp isn't respected by the Navy for no reason.
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