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1062: The Progenitor
- Vegapunk flashback
- We see him working on the Seraphim there are 7 capsules with children in them, we see the Boa and Mihawk Seraphim but not the others
- There is also 1 large capsule
- 2 of the Gorosei are also in the room and Vegapunk tells them about the Seraphim
- He found a being that seems to have blood of the Gods, he used this, and alot of other stuff, to create the Seraphim
- He calls this Godly being The Progenitor
- Chapter end with the reveal of The Progenitor
- Rocks D Urouge - The Progenitor, the being closest to the Gods! Bounty 6.66 Billion
Somebody in this Forum said if this happens in 1062 he'll never read One Piece again.

Already called this to what vegapunks true inventions of the ssg project was for

Ok I had mentioned earlier that I was gonna make a video explaining what I think the ssg is. However I went to sleep when I got home lol. So I will write out my theory on the matter. Now based on my theory your gents or going to either think I am silly or that I maybe on to something. Sigh here goes.

Before I explain what I think the ssg is let me explain how oda has been explaining upon what It will entail. Let's look at all the prominent scientist.

Vegapunk: made a clone devil fruit from the genetics of someone whom already ate the fruit. Made an inanimate object eat a zoan devil fruit. Participate in the creation of genetically modified onis (the numbers). Assisted judge in the creation of adding extra genes to an unborn fetus.

Judge: human cloning. Adding different animal and species traits to his human children before conception. Creating super suits that replicate both abilities of rokoushiki and a devil fruit with zero draw backs.

Queen: adding cybernetic parts to his body that also transforms based on the physical state his body is in making it adjustable. Adding the German super suit abilities to his actual genetic makeup making him replicate all of their devil fruit like abilities.

We then also have lunarians particularly king being tested on his body's makeup and his endurance/durability and survivability of his race. We then also have the world government stating that they want vegapunk so they can perfect gigabtification something caesar clown was doing with random kids.

And lastly we have the a giant strawhat being preserved in the holy land that we presume was joyboys.

Now what do all of these things have in common? Well take a closer look and see. If you dive deep you will realize that all of these things deal with "Splicing of the DNA". If you take another look you can also deduced that this includes "the creation of artificial devil fruits/beings". And if you take another look you would also deduced that this is the "reusage of already existing DNA and creation or the inclusion of it in another person/species".

I know this is long but here is the point. The ssg in my opinion is the world government trying to create artificial human beings that they can control (like how judge controls his boys) that also posses the genes and abilities of pirates that have already died (momo having a clone of kaidos devil fruit and the numbers being failed experiment's from his genes). We still don't even know what they did with oars jr's body.

The ssg replaces former pirates (warlords) with artificial copies of formers pirates that have passed away having abilities that they never once had. That's my theory
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