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You can just @me bro

I'll tone down the memery......I think
Im coming at all the people who made fake spoiler jokes in last 30 minutes, I love me some fakes spoilerzzz per usual, just most peoples' humor just sucks. I think most can agree with that
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Yall I just posted the spoiler and im getting ignored. Last time I do anything for yall
I like how everyone is completely ignoring the usopp spoilers for no reason lol
By 106.101

Title "Open Wanokuni!!"

* After eating Tama's dumplings, Ulti and Page One became slaves to Tama.

* Usopp started making Smile Corps allies through Tama's dumplings.

* However, Chopper infected by Binggu becomes monstrous and is dealing damage regardless of allies or enemies.

* Usopp and Robin plan to feed Choppers with dumplings to listen to Tama's orders.

* Zoro, who broke up with Drake, is confronting the Gifters.

* Yamato's ability is revealed. Surprisingly, the dragon fruit. (It

seems to be a different model from Kaido) * Sasaki seems to have been simply overpowered by Yamato, and Yamato, transformed into a dragon, returns to the floor with Momonosuke and Shinobu.

* Yamato said to the Samurai and the Smile Corps, "Open Wanokuni!!" Episode 996 concludes with a shouting line.
NAH, the title starts with THE
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