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Jinbei vs Sasaki too cause fishman
do you believe Jimbei will low diff-mid diff Who's Who..?? :choppawhat:
From Redon

Queen starts trying to grab Sanji using all his claws and attacks with huge slashes with his sword.
Sanji dodged everything pretty quickly but it's getting too damn hard to keep up
Queen grabs Sanji on his mechanical arm and prepares a Laser Beam (same as Zephyr's arm)
Sanji lights himself on a strange fire that hurts Queen and then he kicks Queen's neck.

Queen starts spinning his ponytail and ends up flying

:funky: :suresure:
Shit, I almost believed that..:yasu:


He never said that bruh :suresure:

He called X-Drake's help to get Queen, actually King and Jack were the ones who supposedly showed to be a bit worried about Who's Who wanting to face a Calamity.
Who's Who respect Queen so much that he said to the Tobiroppo "If Queen died, who you think would possibly take his position?"
He didnt call x drake to take on queen he called x drake because it was a trap.
Read the manga.


Hello Friend
I am sorry, I dont watch anime so didnt know these scenes were this apparent :pepeanger:

But I have seen worse, like in Dr. Stone, damn those female designs look weird, even if they wear a dress the b***b are always noticeable, same with Black Clover (the last chapter where Noelle was falling down and her ass was the central focus).
Yeah, One Piece isn't that bad compared to many out there.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Will take Chat GPT requests. Viva La One Peace.
Pre-Time Skip One Piece was just Oda trying to find ways to take off Nami's shirt every arc. :suresure:

And then Post-Time Skip her design was just not having a shirt at all. :gokulaugh:

Then he put her on cold clothes for Punk Hazard, but made Sanji take off her top. :milaugh:

Then on Dressrosa you have Robin using a really short dress and gets "raped" by the Tontattas. :doffytroll:

And you think Oda holds bak on fan serivce?

If that wasn't enough, we still have the fucking movies.

Sure, it could be worse. But he is not really holding back.

Never forget:


Getting married to a Nami cosplayer really changed Oda or at least let him unleash his "dark side" LOL!

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