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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Will take Chat GPT requests. Viva La One Peace.
Yeah I was thinking one of those might happen tbh. I've been really excited to see how he would react to Momo's DF and now with him being aged up ofc, it's gonna make it even more spectacular and impactful for Kaido especially, naturally!


Also watch Film Z, because it's simply the best movie to me:myman:
Respect! I love Film Z so much! Aside from that godamn Sanji and Nami moment, it's such a resoundingly beautiful and emotional film! A lot of sincerity and heart with such a complex, tragic villain! Aokiji's song was so powerful, so bittersweet and thus this film made me cry so much! And it did again when I rewatched it too!

Z's final scene in this movie too, his final stand...Godamn, that was so heartbreaking. He was such a lost cause, but he started off with the right intentions and he was kinda like the Joker, a man turned evil/corrupt by tragedy. The main who trained the original 3 Admirals too....



Ironically the song he sings is called "Kaidou!"



We also got a major fight for Kizaru vs him!

:lumazed::lunazing::fujilaugh: :kizabat: (RIP Kizaru emote)

One of the most powerful, tragic, emotional and ultimately bittersweet endings at best for anything I've seen!:

Still completely haunts me now and gives me immense chills (ironically)! Amazing charactrerisation for the Admirals (except Akainu apparently) and for the Marines as a faction and thus great for the lore and such. I would have loved to see Fujitora meet Zephyr and see what he would make of Zephyr and vice versa too. Also for Sengoku, Garp and Tsuru to reunite with Zephyr and talk to him too...

(with uncle from Jackie Chan Adventure's voice)


We also got an amazing cover of the brilliant song How You Remind Me by Nickelback ofc by the incredible Avril Lavigne, who used to be married to the lead singer of Nickelback Chad Kroeger ironically too!:

it was officially made for this movie too! Avril LOVES Japanese culture and thus is a weeb, she can speak and sing in fluent Japanese for example as far as I know! She probably loves One Piece too naturally?


But yeah all in all, this is a really freaking fantastic film! I love it so much as you can see LOL! I wish we could get another film like this for OP in future! When it really comes down to it, Oda is AMAZING at making and inspiring heartfelt, tragic, powerful, emotional, memorable stories and characters!
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Outside of the "nuclear weapons" no, the only thing that makes Russia relevant is the 6000 nuclear warheads. Russia's Economy is smaller than the economy of "Texas" with population of 29 million while Russia's population is 150 million.
That's true but that doesn't deminish it being a powerhouse and unless Russia bows its head to US suppremacy like the rest of of the EU which it'll never do, Russia will remain the second most imporatnt enemy after China for the US.
Last trash theory of the day. You can calculate the value of a word by adding up all the individual letters, like A= first letter so 1).
Chougma adds up to 68. Chapter 68 of One Piece is titled "The Fourth" and is about Sanji joining the crew during Baratie arc.

In addition, that second image, which chougma was an additional hint to, depicts a dude in black (Sanji RS??) dancing with a lady (+ swirly pattern).

+ Vegapank hint about combustion = Sanji powerup + RS chapter?? :vistalaugh: I'm out before losing my mind.
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