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Only for you, i just met Odas third grade nice from motherside, secretly adopted, Kokoro was inspired by her.
I got her for a nice diner, Long walk at the sea, very romantic, just to get the following Information for you:

Chapter 956
- The Numbers appear on Onigashima and were welcomed by King, while Queen seems to dislike them.
- Queen is trying to mob them by asking them for Moria, which they should catch since 2 years
- While Number walked by Udon, they know it is fallen, so they conter by asking how udon is, but Queen didnt get it
- King stops that discussion and askes for Apoo
- Numbers tell him they saw him, but he got in a discussion with some metall-kid, so they left
- Scene Change to luffy while Training, trying to improve and slowely get it
- Some Panels about the other strawhats when preparing
- Zoro tells he was at the grave of Ryuuma and found something shocking
- Scene Change back to Queen, which got a package from some smile-user
- He gives it to jack, while he wanted to eat something
- Jack refuses to open, but Queen yelled at him: "WHATS IN THE BOX?!"
- Jack opens... it is the head of Apoo
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