General & Others The importance of personal quirks which Akainu has none, Smoker has one and Vergo has 2 (3) actually

Yes :cheers:

@ODIAK D.TSEGNORTS Expand on Kaido and explain why his personality is better than Akainu :kata:
KAIDO's behavior is the behavior of the most powerful of all, his subordinates want to sit with him and drink beside him, next to the strongest.
A behavior unique to the one at the top of the food chain, a born leader, he was born to rule.:cheers:

Few escape from his infinite dominance, which makes everyone automatically subordinate, as soon as KAIDO realized that VERGOD was on Doffy's team, he automatically saw doflamingo as a companion and not a subordinate.

Wanting to take over the world next to VERGOD.
The truth is Vergo is absolutely one of the best characters ever created and will absolutely come back. Vergo is just that beastly. I think the only times One Piece has really achieved greatness is on those Vergo scenes. I mean, PH is the best arc of One Piec right? Who do you think does that ? The clown? No. Vergo, the holder of the BMF belt in One Piece.

Vergo, if Oda still has some storytelling ability, will be at the center of some major acts and One Piece, even if it fails everywhere, will still be acknolowged by having created the character that is Vergo. Vergo is the man and for all of you non believers, dont worry, you will start believing soon.