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Chapter 2018
- Chapter starts with BM Pirates on their ship try to find a way how to reach Onigashima within the sky
- we See King overpowered the already tired Marco
- King realizes that the only thing he has to do to turn the things around again is to kill Tama
- King fly in Tama direction where Nami and Usopp try to shoot him but he blocks and dodges them easily
- Sanji (still without RS) sees that and want to rescue them but get smashed on the ground by Queen (a bit similar to Goku and Garp in MF)
- Right before King swings his sword to kill Tama he got blocked by Zoro (similar to Akainu/Coby/Shanks moment)
- Afterwards we see a smiling Luffy wo says „Wait Kaido… I am coming to kick your ass“
- in the end we see Hybrid Kaido and Yamato in silhouette (seems like I’m Hybrid Form too)
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