Theory The mastermind of the SWORD is a celestial dragon?

whats so interesting about sword is that most of its members are connected to garp and sengoku.
Like coby, aokiji
to garp and x drake to sengoku but the thing is garp and sengoku is not on active duty, so theres no way that theyre the one who made the sword the mastermind of this organization suppose to be powerful and knoooooows a lot and on active duty.

in my opinion the purpose of sword is to reveal the dark side of the world goverment and to find for themselves whats realgood or evil right before their eyes the real purpose of sword is probably to destroy the celestial dragonand the gorosei’s connection to the navy.

So who i think really created the sword?

i dont think admirals cant do this kind of stuff creating a secret organization behind the navy is kinda like betraying the navy.

i think its someone higher than them and thats Donquiote Mjosgard he stated already that after meeting otohime he became a human. He even wants to help the fishman island to go to live in the surface.
donquiote mjosgard knows probably a lot about what the Gorosei’s doing, celestial dragon, and dark cipher phols secret buissness. I think Mjosgard wants to destroy the Gorosei and the celestial dragon system by helping real navy’s realize this. As for now they dont have the power but over the time who knows what will happen i mean knowledge is power too, im preety sure kizaru, coby and x drake are not the only ones who realizing that the world nobles are corrupt to the core even fujitora realize it too thats why he had to blind himself and also smoker knows about it.
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it could be who knows we dont know much about sakazuki it would hella plot twist if he made a move to the gorosei like that it means his absolute justice bilief isnt just for pirates or something its for the whole navy.
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That would be sucks if he infiltrated another organization like that. Shanks character is someone who is a carefree men it meant his not scared ,ready to die, thankful for every morning that he is alive. I think he lives his life just like roger and If shanks did really created the sword all of that would be gone its like his not pirate but everything’s possible tho
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