Agenda Piece is like the cold war. Sanji and Zoro are the two super powers and they both directly fight and through proxies. Every other agenda are proxies for Zoro vs Sanji. Things like Admirals vs Yonko are like Vietnam and Afghanistan.
Talk about implement irl history into things

This is exactly what goes on.

Indirect W's determine victories and influence

What are your predictions for this chapter? Based on the hints, not like they are useful in any way.
Hint-piece is mostly trolling

Just think about it...the last chapter was massive for sanji fans its after years we're getting such a showing with some unprecedented stunts.. And if it wasn't for @Pew's sincerity we wouldn't even have heard about it coz there was 0 buzz aroundthe chapter and the actually spoilers were perceived to be fake.

So i'd expect anything at this point but if sanji does something it'd be positive for his showing and his portrayal.. Coz anything bad is hyped and anything good that puts him in the spotlight is just muted.