idk tbh
i think we got a better chance in the cl , one/two games vs being consistent over 13 games

winning a league title over pep and klopp would require an all timer feat
It's going to be difficult but I still have confidence, but once again we are putting ourselves in difficulty on our own we should never have lost against Fulham and West Ham it's really a shame, we would be first by now

But I agree with you, we have a better chance of winning the ucl than the League

We are losing bro i got no hope:risiup:
Naples are fucking ass too :risiup:
When I first joined, it was Blother D Yo Mama, or something like this. Who is this dude? Same question, GUI or L57?
Btw are TenYaksha Blother and @GUI same folk? Or was it @L57
All different peeps. I knew Blother from before I joined here, I joined here due to him, Fiji and possibly another former friend mentioning here on Fijis Discord and to me. Blother might be perm banned though now lol. Blother changed his name a lot as you both pointed out too but mine has changed a lot too.