Also , a neg diff for pucci who couldn't react to shit and got treated like a fodder :gokulaugh:
Thats like saying King got negged and treated like fodder cause he ultimately lost their last exchange quite easily... Only difference is that Oda didnt gave Lucci and Zoro screen time to show their entire fight and only showed the last exchange - both Lucci and Zoro were equally bruised and damaged, also every time we saw them they were clashing equally, talking equally and huffing equally.

Yall Zorotards are ridiculous, just cause Oda didnt gave you the satisfaction of Zoro low diffing Lucci like you all thought he would, you dont need to lie around and act like their last exchange was the entire 8 months fight.
Lucci got Ko'd, and Kizaru got paralyzed. If you mean "permanent," then yes, no one is defeated. I dont. Luffy shat on both Kizaru and Lucci even saturn if it wasnt for regen thats WAY more than enough for me.

They both were saving arcs, but they turned into running midway/end. I wouldn't say they were exactly escaping arcs. This is the only arc that comes to mind as my sole escape.

I mean, if you look at Ennies Lobby as escape arc, then so is the Sky Island arc because they run after finishing the arc. Again, I don't count 5 chapters trying to escape as an escape arc.
Ennies lobby they literally had to escape instead of fight off the buster call it’s an escape arc.

And you can’t count Lucci who got back up and Kizaru who never was really down to begin with as wins because Luffy didn’t take them out.

Luffy needs to actually beat someone