CoC: Color of Clowns

Urouge is Pregnant with Big Mom's Child???
So many folks seething after last chapter. Too bad they can't enjoy toon force greatness :kayneshrug:
I've become a lot more comfortable with Gear 5 lately. I just didn't want Luffy to be invincible, and, while this arc has proven Gear 5 Luffy is a nightmare to fight, he and the Straw Hats aren't invincible, they're top heavy with some real heavy hitters, have great teamwork and a lot of intelligence, but the Gorosei are still on another level.

Actually seeing Luffy clash with the highest authoriy in the world is crazy, they've got poison nukes and shit.

I always loved Gear 5 as a power up, but worried it would take away from how serious One Piece can be. Thankfully, the GOAT Kuma and his flashback proved me wrong.
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Seeing all these Tom & Jerry etc gifs, as a kid I never realized how silly these cartoons truly are.🤣 makes me like g5 more actually
Check out the original Pink Panther cartoons, I think you'd really like them.
I read the first volume like 15 years ago or something, never touched it since.
If you're into military strategies and historical world building about unification of China then it's a perfect manga.

But you probably are not the type to dive that kind of stuff because it's more on a serious themes but it's fine. Give it another chance if you ever change your mind. The manga is worth it.