Because Whitebeard didn’t know Shanks was born at God Valley? He just knew the wine smelled like it came from the west blue.
WB knew Shanks was from the west Blue.
Shanks’ backstory is exactly as he said; his hometown is God Valley cause that’s where he’s from.
And what Shanks exactly said Is that he "grew up" in that hometown he mentioned (I hope this Is the last time I have to remind of this).
I aslo hope Is the last time I have to write that this cannot be GV, since, as you admitted, but it's a fact, he didn't grow up in GV at all.
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Kitetsu Wanker
I dont know about you guys but I hate both Monsters animations and this incoming Zoro novel.
This is obviously Oda's attempt to redeem himself for failing hard in Wano when it comes to Zoro's lore.

Fuck his petty attempts, as long as he doesn't properly develop plot lines for Zoro, IN MANGA, none of this matters.
He has a chance to tie things up with Ryuma-Venus-Koushiro-Zoro and if he fails there, don't expect any lore.
@nik87 see told you that zoro's novel is nothing but cash cow for them. They don't give a shit about shedding light on it. All it matters is how they can milk the fuck out of whatever is left of one piece
As you can see from my post above, I never cared about it. :zosmug: