1118: Return of the Sword God
- Zoro vs Venusjuro
- Jinbe tries to help Zoro, but can't get near them because of their overwhelming Haki
- Venusjuro compares Zoro to Ryuma
- Both go all out and have another clash, the sky splits and there is a tear made in space and time
- Everyone on the island is shocked and a lot of people are knocked out by their Haki (Sanji included)
- In the final double pagespread Zoro and Venusjuro are slashed and Egghead is cut in half by Mihawk who shows up out of nowhere
I loooove that!


You mean this Yonko crew running away like little pussies?
I wouldn't call em pussies because the way it's written doesn't really give them a choice to fight. That's my main issue here. All the stakes built up with Vegapunk, Nika, Bonney, and Kuma needed a proper payoff. Even when the Straw Hats escaped during the Ennies Lobby climax, Luffy still had his fight with Lucci. He needed to stand on buisiness and fuck up Saturn, but the confrontation was brushed aside and lost in the shuffle with the summoning of the other four stars. It completely threw off the buildup and is looking like it'll lead to an anticlimactic payoff.