The 'post exclusion' criteria for this forum are complete bullshit

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What is really the rule called when a post should be deleted or not? Anyone who follows the discussions on the forum, knows that offenses are commonplace, especially when someone calls each other ''idiot'' which is not so offensive, we even have forum moderators doing this type of offense ( @Jiihad @Garp the Fist )

Recently in a thread, I responded to the message from @HA001 calling me ''illiterate'', and I responded in kind by calling him an ''idiot''
And for some reason, my comment was the only one deleted:

Apparently, people can have carte blanche to curse at will, I recently reported this type of comment:

Amazingly, this comment has not been deleted, and I routinely receive messages of this type, but only my comments are deleted? What kind of criteria are moderators using? We clearly see a Ztard bias among moderators, but I didn't know they would be brazen at that level.

So again I ask, what is the rule for a post to be deleted? When you're not on the side of the Zoro fandom? Is it forbidden to offend Zoro's fanboys? What is the criterion for this?
There is some people like @Jew D. Boy who even when get ban will be freed from ban in few hours, even when they talk shit, keep trolling, use flame talk etc. Some moders here suck, like it or not. While there are other people ike Vergo fan @critical mindset, who will get permant ban for nothing, litteraly nothing.
Ofcourse there are exception of @RayanOO and some other mods who never ban people for nothing and will try to understand the sittuation, but that's it.
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That's the Internet for you.
People think they're tough shits by cursing or insulting other people to make themselves feel better but in real life, they won't even talk to a girl. Glad that my personality is still the same in both media and in real life.


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Ig we all can be a tad bit more considerate when using such slangs or insults. Anyways. Its the internet so yeah...
They can be prevented I guess and for personal experience the staff does a great work when I report them and sometimes I report a lot and I see them being dealt with regularly subsequently haha
On a lighter note, this is the internet. There will always be shit. If not from you, from someone else so just go with the flow. Have fun and ignore anything that makes you offended. Works great.
(Complaining wont do much good)
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