Who are your faves?

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I prefer Hanzo since samurai is so underrated in Naruto. Most samurai chose to become shinobi but Mifune still chose to stay as samurai which shows his high faith. I think Mifune is samurai's greatest pride. Hopefully there would be new generation that is as strong as Mifune to uphold samurai legacy.

I also think samurai>shinobi in terms of loyalty. Samurai loyally serves his/her master while shinobi changes his/her master and works based on contract. I'm talking about most shinobi in real life of course. Not in Naruto I think most shinobi in Naruto are loyal.

Probably not as weakened as Hanzo, so that doesn't really matter. Besides, he was immune to Hanzo's primary weapon too lmao.
Mifune defeated Hanzo without any significant injuries. I say that's a good feat. Edo Tensei Hanzo who doesn't become rusty probably can give extreme diff fight to Mifune. I think the fight could go either way.

Is Hanzo's primary weapon his poison? That's because Mifune used mask IIRC and it's one of shinobi tool so I think it's fine. That's like saying Kiba cheats for using Akamaru.
1. Itachi
2. Minato
3. Orochimaru
4. Madra
5. Shikamaru and Neji...

Also, I'm surprised that how many people have Madra in their list...He is one of my fav chatachters, but he also is a one of the most pathetic antagonists I've seen so far.

He was an OP character no doubt, even without his eyes he kicked major ass. Plus, in his childhood and youth he wanted to end the War era, and along with Hashirama he became a cornerstone for peaceful Shinobi world.
But in the end he turned out to be a sore and pathetic looser.... A bitter man who thought about no one but himself. Not to mention, despite being so powerful in the end Zetsu made a fool of him and he ginally died a pitiful looser again. I mean if you compare him to other villains such as Doffy or even Don krieg, they all lost but not in sad and worthless way like Madra.
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