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Yama vs Yasratcha

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What do you think about Yama vs Yas?
Looking forwad to it, i'm curious why Yasratcha jumped right in, he probably saw that it was just a waste of time and Yama would have reached him without being drained at all.....but it's gonna be interestring, have to see how Yama will overcome Yasratcha mind control sh** maybe his full transformation? He also already wounded Yama which is surprising for me cuz i thought the only thing he had on Yama was his mind control powers....


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:| i missed that i thought it was because of the mind control thing not phisically overwhelmed him.....
Nah, he blitzed and stomped him:

I have been summoned

Well, Cin already said what needed to be said. I want to add a few things though:
  • Yama was apparently not close to being at full power. He only applied Full FT to one arm, when we know he can apply it to his whole body. In his fight against Hellam, he used the exact same phase and still said he had a long way to go before reaching his true full power. That means Complete FT Yama >> Incomplete FT Yama (only one arm).
  • Yama was far from being in optimal condition. FT puts a huge strain on his body and he already used it once against Hellam. He wanted to use FT while he was getting beaten to a pulp by Yas' control but he said that he was too exhausted after his duel with the Elder.
  • After getting beaten to a pulp to the point that he could hardly move in the air for a while, he finally used Incomplete FT again (which was something he didn't think to do much before he got beaten this badly).
So, yeah, Yasratcha blitzed and low diffed that version of Yama, but that version of Yama was very exhausted, significantly injured and more importantly, not close to being at full power.

There's Doom's statement that Yama doesn't stand a chance against Yas but being quite frank, I think it's blown out of proportion. SIU said FT Yama is on the same level as Partial Release Evankhell and Khel Hellam when it comes to raw power, and those two are way more often than not, considered to be on the Corps Commander spectrum.

There's also the fact that Yas said capturing Cha wouldn't be easy at all. That, plus him being significantly pushed back despite blocking with a warm-up attack coming from him, already puts some limits on his strength IMO. Whatever Yas will show at the Nest, it won't be enough to easily win against Cha (unless he has a power-up that he didn't have beforehand), who is also more often than not considered to be within the Corps Commander spectrum (actually, sometimes even below them from what I've seen).

Yasratcha also doesn't want any beef with Kallavan and seems to respect him a lot. That makes it extremely unlikely he's significantly stronger (if at all).

If you add all of this with the fact that SIU said Yas is a bad match-up for Yama, it becomes pretty clear that Doom's statement is blown out of proportion IMO. They're most likely in the same tier, with the difference being little and Yasratcha edging it out more than he should because of match-up advantage. Just my two cents. I actually voted for Yasratcha because I think all the three Baylord Brothers are going to be somewhat relevant in this fight and are going to give Yasratcha a piece of their mind in some way or another.