General & Others Underrated OP fights

Sanji vs Kuroobi
Why can't Sanji go back to that fighting style instead of being a Flame wizard with a Suit:josad:
Because of Tekkai/Haki/Ancient Zoan abilities, Wouldn't make sense for Sanji to bypass those things with just regular Kick martial arts, when Luffy has to go into different Gears.
Luffy vs Arlong.

Those finishing blow was satisfying. Not only he beat Arlong but he destroyed the entire Along Park too.

Also we got iconic lines during the fight.
"I can't use sword, can't navigate, can't cook or lie..... but I can beat you" . It was so good back in the day.

but has this fight ever been underated? Don't know, just posted it here for the sake of nostalgic lol
the early fights were real fights unlike those now back then Luffy was more intimating


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Smoker vs Vergo
Oz vs Strawhats
Chopper vs Kumadori
Kizaru "vs" Supernovas
I also inserted the one concerning Chopper.

I think he proved he could destroy a CP9 member thanks to his power.

And no coincidence Sentomaru himself hyped his Monster Point later on.