Powers & Abilities Unimportant Thread : Categorizing Fruit Following their Usage / Efficacity in Battle

Hello you coming on unimportant threads.
Thanks for giving a chance to such Head-Canons Nonsense that will not bring a lot on One Piece Perception of Powers Tools.


I will not call them by their names but by their User because I don't have an absolute Eidetic Memory.


"One Hit Victory" Fruits โ˜•

Sugar Fruit
Bonney Fruit
Boa Hancock Fruit
( Kuma Fruit )

"Absolute Law of Physics Bending" Fruits ๐Ÿ˜ธ

Inazuma Fruit
Bartolomeo Fruit
Oven Fruit
Fujitora Fruit
Shiki Fruit
Foxy Fruit

"Impressive Rare ( Multi-Usage ? )" Fruits ( Mostly Mythical Zoans )

Patrick Redfield Fruit
Sengoku Fruit
Marco Fruit
Kaidou Fruit ( If he was not a Dragon to begin with )
( Orochi Fruit ? )
Blackbeard Fruit

"Hit Hard / Elemental" Fruits ๐ŸŒด

Whitebeard Fruit
Akainu Fruit
Kuzan Fruit
Kizaru Fruit
Ace / Sabo Fruit
Diamond Jozu Fruit
Enel Fruit

---------- Paramecia / Zoan Fruits not quoted above or Below --------

"Useful Support" Fruit

Moriah Fruit
Brulee Fruit
Mont d'Or Fruit
Pudding Fruit
Ivankov Fruit

Yah yah hah. That was it.