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I like that Luffy's main outfit colors (blue, red, yellow) are somewhat coincidentally based on the colors of the Philippine flag... Perhaps it is also a coincidence that his outfit turns white (the fourth "color" of the flag) in his Zoan (Awakened/Enlightened aka Nika) form and that his DF is the Sun God (sun is one of the symbols found in the flag)? Another coincidence would be the Wings being called the "stars" (which is another symbol) by Marco in a previous chapter... By the way, there are 3 stars and a sun in the Philippine flag...
I don’t agree with your posts, but I think you should know that your pfp makes me laugh every time I see it. Please don’t ever change it.
There is a reason Oda said Shimotsuki Ushimaru is not Zoro's dad. His actual dad is this loser.
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Current Zoro is weaker than Marine Ford Blackbeard with 1 fruit.
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