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To have only 3 admirals for the whole world is just meaningless
There should be 6. One for each ocean and one for each half of the grand line.
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A lot of people wank zoro for making kaido dodge with hiryu kaen
Kid did the same thing to big mom with his bull

yet the bull attack isn’t nearly as hyped as hiryu kaen.
Essentially proving that a substantial part of zoro hype is simply zoro looking cool.

Luffy made kaido dodge with red hawk
kid made big mom block the bull
But those attacks weren’t “cool” so they aren’t hyped.
There is more zoro hype than kid hype because zoro is a better character with a personality worth admiring. He's one of the original protagonists, someone who has stayed a main character since the very beginning. Kid is a supporting character, if his personality and character ever become something worth liking it will be part of his character development as a result of being around Luffy. Unless that happens kid is just a support character like Barto where he's not even a good person he just ended up on the same side as the good people.
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I have some:

A) Yamato was not written to be a SH and will not join the crew.
B) Fujitora is a waste of space and not up to par with what admirals should be.
C) Kaido statement about Adv. CoC does not preclude top tiers without it or even people in lower tiers having this power and could be applied to future vision without issue and be even more truthful.
D) Zoro fights are boring, because the formula is almost always the same: he starts cocky, get his ass kicked and them teleports behind the enemy and wins with a single strike. The only thing that changes is the amount of damage he takes before the teleport.
E) For the most part, Oda is a good storyteller. But his issue is that he has too many ideas and need a good editor to hold his reins. Otherwise you get wano.
F) BM in wano was a mistake that didn't add anything to the story and only detracted from her earlier portrayal. Her fight with Law and Kid is one of the worst things that Oda ever wrote.
G) The SH don't need other fighters or crewmembers. Oda is barely capable of giving panel time to the East Blue crew as it is. People that think that the final fight against BB will be multiples 1x1 while ignoring the grand fleet and the huge amount of allies they acquired are crazy, in my opinion.