Vlad the Impaler is here :)

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Zoro D Goat

Justice for Healing Yuusha!💕
Hello everyone :)

Was a short time on narutoforums, but quickly realized there ain't no point of remaining there thanks to staff power abuse. Iam a big yonkou and sanji fan :) Nice to meet you guys.
I swear I thought you were my alt for second there:believe::believe:And a Yonko and Sanji fan like me as well:eeke::watchout::hohoho:Yes please:finally::finally:We need more Sanji fan to help out the Sanji Fandom's military power:sanmoji:And it would improve my goal of building an army of Sanji fans as well :cheers: Anyway, welcome to WG and I see you doing some god's work already:kata:
Not open for further replies.