General & Others Wano just keeps getting worse and worse

Apparently everyone is an ancient Zoan, even Tama is able to tank Ulti's attack and get up as if nothing happened. Oda continues to run around in circles. People just running around doing absolutely nothing. Nami running, Usopp running, Momo running, Yamato for god knows how long has just been running, Sanji running, Law is now running, so many people just running around for no reason other than Oda stalling for as much time as possible. Plots that should have been resolved just repeats.

Three years of Wano and over 100+ chapters and what info dump did we get? The name of the Island being "Laughtale"? Thats it, an f-ing name? Wano has been straight filler since everything that pertains to the story of Wano has absolutely nothing to do with the main story plot of the One Piece, void century, world government, etc. Almost every arc pretime skip had a strong association with the main plot of the story whether it was Sabody Archipelago, Ennies Lobby, Marine Ford, etc. For those pretime skip arcs that didn't have a strong associate served as bridge for the arcs that do like Amazon Lily, Impel Down, etc. Here we are in Wano that has been hyped for so long and all its been is either filler or power junky.

Sorry for the rant but Oda's writing has been so bad post time skip.


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I'm looking forward the climax of the match ups, that has got potential, just like the climax of the events in general. So far I rate this arc an 7/10 complexively.
I'm looking forward the climax of the match ups, that has got potential, just like the climax of the events in general. So far I rate this arc an 7/10 complexively.
Lmfao what match ups? People are just running around! None of the match ups have been set yet and we are 100+ chapters in. The only match ups we have gotten was Jinbei vs Who's Who's and Franky vs Sasaki and Oda only given those match ups a total of 8 f-ing panels but yep lets waste time seeing Yamato running around fighting fodder, or Luffy running up stairs or Sanji being a useless simp.
Yea, its taking way to long just to set the stage. I understood it at first when it came to stalling for chapter 1000. But how in the hell isn't Sanji fighting ANYONE yet. And there has been 10 chapters of Nami and Ussop messing around with Ulti and Pageone, only for the latter to get one-shotted by Big Mom, like wtf? What was even the point of setting up that matchup in the first place? The raid has been pretty mid...
I do agree there is a lot of unnecessary stuff. Like the bringing back of Orochi and Kanjuro, like thats just pointless. What is the point of Orochi even after Kaido tossed him away? Whoever wins hes dead meat, he should have stayed dead there. Kanjuro as well, he got defeated, bringing him back just defeats the purpose. I can understand Jack only, ancient zoan and great recovery ability, the others is just pushing it.

Same as Kinemon and his friends. They survive Kaido (but should have been done for the rest of the war there) but then Ashura dies at a trick by Kanjuro? Now they are chasing and fighting opponents that were defeated already. Now imagine where the plot would be without these alone. This time could have been spent on the main characters, SHs, Yamato. You bring back Peros alone from the BMP (fear of too many characters?) But then spend panel time on gifter fodder and already defeated characters. Whats next, the minks start buzzing around again, Hyogoro fights again, Page One and Ulti are back as if nothing happened. Wano will be loooong, when it could have been half as short
It is too bad Oda's editors couldn't say that he has 65 chapter per arc (some arbitrary number) then he would be able to get to the point faster. Fans would know when the end was in sight. Right now I don't know what will come next.
uninspired low effort world building / that can be changed in the future
plot points stretched and devoid of logic
unsatisfying pay-offs
off-screen x10
plot armor x20
waste of time x30
non foreshadowed power ups and plot twists x40
no tension whatsoever x50
shitty character designs, bad fight choreography, lot of cuts and skips that resulted in poor dynamic manga panels ...

wano is a convoluted mess
Oda doesn't bring people back from the dead. But he doesn't kill anyone so he doesn't need it.

Oda doesn't have power of love/friendship. But he have "GUTS!" and "will"(which is Luffy saying he wants to be pirate king so he is strong, and then he wants so much to be pirate king that he gets stronger, than he is the person that most wants to be pirate king so he is the strongest of universe).

My best Oda's defense is that editors cut much panels from chapters to be only around 15 pages. OP would be better with 20-30 pages per chapter.
only sanji fans getting what they deserve now its even confirmed tony tony > RS sanji. im so jealous about sanji fans. when do will get what we zoro fans deserve like kiling kaido and more cool stuffs from zoro :choppawhat: