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The first tournament was a decent success, let's see if this time we can fill 32 spots :D

More info here

Hello ladies and gentlemen, these days i created a mini card game called WGARENA, i made it for the forum cuz i thought it would be nice having some more activites here and have something to fill the break weeks :D


The game it's pretty simple, we have a pool of cards (based on One Piece characters) , everyone needs to make a deck of 8 cards from this pool (with some limitations you'll see) and fight each other to death in 1v1.

Here is a preview of the "fighting" room

I can create a tournament of 4 > 8 > 16 > 32 people so i'll create it based on how many of you will join.
Once i've created it i'll give you your access key so you can join.

A few things :

I created the game myself and it's not SUUPER tested so consider this first tournament a "big" beta test where you can help me spot bugs so in case u find some and they ruin your game experience i'm sorry :josad:.
Right now the game is very simple at his core, so based on your response i'll consider adding more features in the future.
The game is amde to be really chill so you don't have to worry about beign active or not u can even login once a day to make your move.

If u will have doubds about the gameplay u can ask here or send me a pm cuz it's kind of a niche game.

Now just for the occasion so you can go and look around and maybe read the guide on the homepage

This is an access key from my last test tournament (it won't let you play though)


Participants : ( MAX 16 PLAYERS FOR THIS ONE)

1 - @Enryu
2 - @Salah WG (key sent)
3 - @Rayleigh-Sama
4 - @Thururuzao
5 - @Natalija
6 - @RayanOO
7 - @Steven
8 - @TheKnightOfTheSea
9 - @AL sama
10 - @Zoroe
11 - @Zoro D Goat
12 - @Jaguark101
13 - @Zem
14 - @Bango🍅
15 - @ConquistadoR
16 - @Hanners220
Done :)

I'll believe we'll stop at 16 cuz since many of u guys don't know how to play it yet , and with 32 i believe it will be too messy
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Ok so we are 15 here a mini guide to get started

First thing u want to do after the login is Edit your username click on the blue text it's on the Home Page's title (u can only do that untill everyone makes his deck, after that u can't so do that first)

Then you want to click on "Deck" and well create your deck. Each card will have a star number and for each tournament you will have a star limit (you will see it increase as you add more cards (click on a card to add it and click again to remove it) you can't exceed the maximum amount of stars

Once you have 8 cards in your deck this thingy will appear clickon the green icon to save your deck

When everyone will be ready if you click on play you will face another player (selected randomly) it's your turn to make a move if your nick name is highlighted like this



In the fighting room the system will give you 4 random cards from your deck your cards are the one right above your nickname the others above the first 4 are the enemy's
To make a move (if it's your turn) click on a card and this thing should appear

Each card has an attack and a damage in this case Aokiji has 8 attack and 6 damage meanind that if you win you will deal 6 damage to the enemy however to mek things more interesting you can see there are some barrels here, basicaly they serve to increase your card's attack each barrel will add the card's base attack X the number of barrels so if aokiji have 8 attack and you use 3 barrels it will have 3 * 8 = 24 + 9 (his base attack) = 32 attack once you've decided click on confirm :)
You have only 12 barrels per game so u should think at a strategy to win :)

Once you've clicked confirm your card will start pulsing you will also see it on the card picked by the enemy

Cards also have abilities if you hover you will se a white rectangle with an icon representing what it does for example aokiji has +2 hp meaning that if he wins you rrestor 2 hp (on the homepage you will see a mini guide to the abilities)

If your card wins the round it will get a green background red if it loses.

(if you win the match you go to the next phase if you lose you're out)

it starts with 16 players then 8 (phase 2) then 4 (phase 3) then 2 (phase 4)

The system will try to give each player the same amount of starts in your hand to make it fair so the best strategy will win :)

I'm sure there are other things i missed so if u find some difficulties feel free to ask.

Now one feature that i didn't added is a "real time feature" meaning that if your enemy makes a move to see it you have to refresh the page , i didn't added it cuz considering we all come from various parts of the world it's very hard that we will all be online at the same time and also life is more important than a stupid game,also this allows me to keep the costs to the minimum ( right now i'm able to keep this online for free and addind that would probably require me to drop some money xD) so this is a good compromise :)
Participants (MAX 32) :

1: @Veku KEY SENT
2: @Bango🍅 KEY SENT
3: @Natalija KEY SENT
4: @Red Admiral KEY SENT
5: @Kromage911 KEY SENT
6 : @Finalbeta KEY SENT
7: @solis KEY SENT
8: @Marimo_420 KEY SENT
10 : @Blackbeard KEY SENT
11: @Grammaton KEY SENT
12: @Rayleigh-Sama KEY SENT
13: @anon KEY SENT
14 : @Zem KEY SENT
15: @GeneralP123 KEY SENT
16: @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung KEY SENT
17 : @Flower KEY SENT
18 : @SmokedOut KEY SENT
19 : @Tobi KEY SENT
20 : @SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo KEY SENT
21: @Seth KEY SENT
22: @Ekkologix KEY SENT
23: @ConquistadoR KEY SENT
24: @Fruitji KEY SENT
25: @TheAncientCenturion KEY SENT
26: @Sallucion KEY SENT
27: @T-Pein™ KEY SENT
28 : @Gari KEY SENT
29 : @PizzaBread KEY SENT
30: @AL sama KEY SENT
31: @ZoroSlaysDragonTuna KEY SENT
32: @BakiDou KEY SENT
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