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Hello ladies and gentlemen, these days i created a mini card game called WGARENA, i made it for the forum cuz i thought it would be nice having some more activites here and have something to fill the break weeks :D


The game it's pretty simple, we have a pool of cards (based on One Piece characters) , everyone needs to make a deck of 8 cards from this pool (with some limitations you'll see) and fight each other to death in 1v1.

Here is a preview of the "fighting" room

I can create a tournament of 4 > 8 > 16 > 32 people so i'll create it based on how many of you will join.
Once i've created it i'll give you your access key so you can join.

A few things :

I created the game myself and it's not SUUPER tested so consider this first tournament a "big" beta test where you can help me spot bugs so in case u find some and they ruin your game experience i'm sorry :josad:.
Right now the game is very simple at his core, so based on your response i'll consider adding more features in the future.
The game is amde to be really chill so you don't have to worry about beign active or not u can even login once a day to make your move.

If u will have doubds about the gameplay u can ask here or send me a pm cuz it's kind of a niche game.

Now just for the occasion so you can go and look around and maybe read the guide on the homepage

This is an access key from my last test tournament (it won't let you play though)


Participants : ( MAX 16 PLAYERS FOR THIS ONE)

1 - @Enryu
2 - @Salah WG
3 - @Rayleigh-Sama
4 - @Thururuzao
5 - @Natalija
6 - @RayanOO
7 - @Steven
8 - @TheKnightOfTheSea
9 - @AL sama
10 - @Zoroe
11 - @Zoro D Goat
12 - @Jaguark101
13 - @Zem
14 - @BangoπŸ…
15 - @ConquistadoR
16 - @Hanners220
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If u go here https://wgarena.herokuapp.com/ it will ask you an access key to login as a player
once i'll create a tournament i will generate N access keys based on how many players will join and will give it to the player so they can enter the tournament :)
well i was asking for access key to log in:goyea:I've already loaded the site but it requires access key to log in
when are you going to start the game? any estimation?