Current Events What are the things which you guys want to know about in this arc?

For me its.
1. Kaido's past. From recent events though it seems like Kaido was nothing that special during rocks, but after BM giving him the DF he was able to get stronger. Also about his actual origins as to why he was not refered like other characters but as a thing by BM etc. I am still intrigued with it. We know some personal stuff through rocks but want to know his origin. Is God Valley Sogeking no shima?

2. How BM or BMPs story is going to end. I can't see her story ending just here. And I also can't her being an enemy like how Kaido is.

3. Zoro eye, still not sure if its a big deal of a plot or is just going to be a long joke by oda. Like no SH is even asking him about it for some reason. Both author and characters in story are totally avoiding it as if it did not bother them much.

4. Hopefully some Ryuuma past references and them being related to present story somehow.(probably can expect something given how it was also a one shot, and would be good opportunity to get animated).

5. This was something recent(not untill it was introduced). But why did oda even add Yamato. Will she be a character who will be used by oda to progress a plot point which is needed for SHs? Because he could have done that with just having something like the log by oden or some other minor character too act as a plot device for that. Well now there are more clues about her joining the crew. But is it just that? He just created a character to add a number which is not necessary with how the story is being written? I am hoping for some more important plot point attached with adding a new character so late. It is possible she might even have some info from Toki maybe(odens log was saved from fire by someone).
- Void Century info.
- More info on SWORD: who else is a part of the group, does Akainu know about them, etc.
- If it counts, Kaido vs Moria.
- May not happen, but I wouldn't mind flashbacks for the Supernovas.
-Rocks flashback

-Kitetsu school of swordsmiths and generally more about the grade swords.

-Small SNs flashbacks(like with Capone) and more info about their crews(especially Hawkins,Drake and On Air pirates)