What Are You Currently Playing?

I'm currently playing a pokemon hack on FireRed I made a while back, where I added a lot of stuff and made it much more difficult than the original, just for some personal enjoyment. :)

- For nearly every gym leader, you need to fulfil a quest before challenging them
- Pokemarts sell berries instead of potions, antidotes etc..
- You cannot use heal items in battle, only give pokemon berries, to heal themselves.
- Some hold items values changed slightly (e.g. Quick Claw 100% guarantees the pokemon attacks first)
- All pokemon including Gen 2 and 3 obtainable in Kanto, in places where they could be more useful.

- Some pokemon and moves are modified slightly to make it interesting, e.g. Bellossom gets drought and her speed doubled; Nidoking/queen get moves they learn in later gens; Silver wind/Ancientpower gets 100% chance to raise all stats instead of 10%, which is nice for a 5 PP move, etc.

- All gym leaders, elite four, blue, and giovanni's pokemon upgraded, with better moves so that you can't just beat any of these guys with one type, and even if you did, you still need a lot of strategy to beat them.

Koga and Blaine's pokemon were the best things I've done, tbh. Koga had pokemon that fit the ninja theme instead of just one type (e.g. Gengar, Ninjask); and with Blaine, the only way you could really beat him is to take away the sun from the battlefield, which fits his fire theme, and his gym rank.