Character Discussion What are your thoughts on Jinbe vs Who's Who?

Gao canon was always portrayed as a very powerful move, it’s just that plot protected Baby 5 and Buffalo. But I never doubted Gao canon potential.
It was always portrayed as a powerful move, but its first showing was definitely a bit underwhelming.
Sasaki fight wasn’t great, but at least it was something new, seeing a lesser Lucci making the same moves is weaker. For me Sasaki fight was better than WsW fight.
I think newness is overrated. The coolest parts of most fights tend to be the most conventional. For example, Kaido is much cooler fighting in base or hybrid than he is fighting in his dragon form, which everyone thinks kind of sucks(though it getting the shit beaten out of it is fun).
And while WsW is mainly just 6 powers, I think he is visually different enough to justify his existence. Lucci never really used bite attacks like fang slash, and Who's Who has at least some variety with his pistol and tempest kick techniques(Lucci used the same tempest kick over and over again).

For me, Sasaki's fight was okay. It was just realy cluttered and kind of ugly to look at, and there wasn't anything going on character wise even on a superficial level. I enjoyed the strategy in Sasaki vs Franky a lot at least, but that was really the only cool aspect about that fight.

Oda can do something like a flying triceratops but couldn’t invent some unique fighting style for WsW ? Everything I see in WsW is comparing him with Lucci and the comparison is clearly in his defavor : no Rokuogan, no slim form/life return technique etc.
Oda should have gone with something new.
Again, new isn't better. Sometimes a fighting style that is visually readable is better than a fighting style that is kind of a complete mess, which is basically what the flying triceratops was.

Beyond both being six powers. Who's Who and Lucci don't really have a terrible amount in common? Like, Lucci's main thing was 6 king pistol, wheras Who's Who mainly relies on fang pistol.

Personally don't remember Lucci's slim form being that interesting. It was just a skinnier version of Lucci. And he never used it creatively.

Something I do like about the Who's Who fight was that it showed 6 powers being used in conjunction with Haki, which is something we really haven't seen explicitly up to his point.

Going on about the haki stuff. The fact that haki was a big part of that fight definitely helped make it feel more "high level" than the other fights, where haki didn't seem to exist? Which is sort of strange me.

There is still a novelty in armament haki users using haki against one another, especially when its not Luffy.