Speculations What could Buggy have done to become a Yonko?

Option 1. Straight up awakened his fruit and screwed the navy force that tried to catch him

Option 2. Successfully escaped the navy forces and rallied other shichibukais to join him( mihawk, wevill, boa)

Option 3. Found an ancient weapon

Option 4. Shanks pumped up buggy infront of gorosei

Or option 5. His forces(impeldown escapes and other pirate who joined him during his shichibukai tenure) where strong enough to make him yonko

I think option 2 is most plausible
Perfect, isnt that hard to get this.

Also u probably after Doffy had fallen he most likely become THE major guy in the Underworld. If u add all of this to the Joke of Buggy always falling upwards its obvious how people started to call him a Emperor.

U guys sometimes go to far on simple things
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He made a deal with the goverment. He will manage some territories of Kaido and Big Mom that the World Government doesnt want because they are not useful to them. That,or maybe just Shanks is too powerful and ordered to the World Government to make him a Yonko
The WG dont chose who become a Emperor, its the people who start to call someone with enough influnce a Emperor.

Seriously, 20y of manga and most of u guys havent understand this lol

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What do you mean? It may have largely happened in the background outside of the Marineford arc, but OP is a story of parallel ascensions for Luffy AND Buggy…he’s not the first white male clown to fail upwards, if you catch my drift :cheers:
Probably the several old and new warlords joined different factions as either allies or underlings; therefore, making their respective factions stronger. For example Jinbei joined the straw hat, Moria joined BB, Mihawk probably is Shanks’ ally officially(not underling similar to how Marco is to Luffy) so maybe following this pattern Weevil joined Buggy. As well as having territories plus his underworld connections

But still this isn’t enough to make him Yonko he needs some fear to actually raise his bounty as one of the 4 strongest pirates in the world(his bounty is probably more than Luffy’s) so he either did something crazy with his abilities or awakened CoC infusion like Zoro or something else happened and he was credited for them
I can’t see why Mihawk or Weevil would join him.
What if, the WG actually became smart, and made a deal with Buggy, the WG would help him reach Yonkou status by notoriety and territory, in exchange he would be an ally of them.
We already have spies in the form of Stussy and XDrake, not to mention Mother Carmel being connected to CP 0 itself, the next step would be to propel up a harmless Yonkou, so they can tighten their grip on piracy.
Kaidou, Big Mom and Shanks were also shown doing deals with the WG, so this modus operandi would not be new.
Buggy met with Shanks in Red Hair Ship, awakened his fruit, and accidentally chopped Shanks' remaining arm when they high five, which got thrown into the sea eaten by a random sea king.

Shanks was armless when he met with the Gorosei.

1-Turned other warlords into his commanders.
2-Found an ancient weapon with the treasure map he obtained from Luffy in Impel Down.
3-Became a fucking god by unlocking advanced haki and awakening his fruit.
4-Pulled something very clever like stealing some SSG for himself or something else.
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Maybe Buggy developed a nuclear buggy dama lol
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