General & Others What disappointed you the most in Wano?

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I'm a Fella of Fate
A lot and probably someone will answer for me all things, but mainly the mistreatment of Usopp. This was the moment for him to master the COO and awaken the COA
Yes I was about to answer something similar.

It's a god damn shame Usopp didn't get a proper moment or fight in this arc. I was very excited for him to level up and beat an ancient Zoan. Him overcoming big hurdles is why I like the character. But instead Big Mom crushes Page One and then he plays baby sitter the rest of the arc. He didn't even get a sniper moment like in Dressrosa.
Sides characters and especially momo and Momo's crying..

I think someone should compile all panels of Momo's crying and see how long it is.

Add Kinemon to the list. I think they are hands down some of the most unlikable supporting cast in fiction I have ever seen. Characters showing emotion should always be used during pivotal moments, and sparingly. In their case, its overkill to the point it feels forced, annoying, and unbearable.

I don't think I have seen such bad supporting characters since Jar Jar Binks. The worst part is that Oda is still forcing us to like them for ten freaking years.

-Too many panels for the Scabbards
-Too many side characters
-Oden wanking was too aggressive
-Barely any backstory for Kaido or Kidd
-Straw Hats barely interacted
-Too much O-Tama
-SMILE designs were all garbage
-King vs Zoro was too short
-Luffy plot armor was too much
-Not enough Nico Robin poneglyph lore
-Not enough character development for Zoro
-No real tension
-Luffy's training in Udon was the laziest shit I've ever seen
-Kanjuro kept fuckin coming back
-Kinemon survived
-No badass samurai, not even one in a land known for badass samurai
-Luffy vs Kaido wasn't that great
-Orochi sucked as a villain