General & Others What disappointed you the most in Wano?

The treatments of the 2 Marines in this arc :
- Drake , didn't accomplish anything significant

- Greenbull , showed himself as a monster in just 3 chapters ( and not even close to all-out too ) , but was hypetooled because 1 dude is about to die ( like how Akainu & Kaido were hypetooled to WB & Oden who died shortly after ) .

Also , the lack of interaction/encounter with SHs that all other Admirals had .
I expected GB to break Sandai , didn't happen , but fine .
I expected him to show & explain Logia Awakening for the first time , didn't happen and this one is more dissappointing .

Probably Logia Awakenings are saved for later . Too overpowered .

To me the past few chapters have made it look like Oda is really serious about ending OP in 3 years .
4. Wano. Lacking of WSS-level swordsmen/samurai. Lacking Orochi who imo should be a highly powerful villain instead of just cunning brains without powerlevel. Lacking the lore-related and cultural interaction between its citizen and Strawhats.

3. Kaidou. Having PTSD and dependant on hostage to win against someone he oneshot. Kaidou giving free hits to any attack before he get serious, and then proceed to scream in pain anyway when receiving those attacks. Kaidou not being allowed by plot to kill a single relevant fighter. Kaidou not having enough character depth, history, or lore being tied unto his character.

2. Luffy. Getting 100 powerups without any victorious consequences, Luffy getting 100 losses withour no consequences or character development in figuring out the next steps to overcome the obstacle. Luffy not figuring out G5 by his own technique, but get it by reaching a certain level instead, giving an impression of taking it for granted. Luffy's breaking down the tension since 1036-1037 and even more so in G5, having childish and bratty fun instead of turning into a psycho hat tortures and crush brains and organs by his technique without remorse.

1. Subpar writing. Nonexistent character development and meaningless buildups without proper reward. Horrible dragging and lack of priorities in focusing or giving the spotlight. Instead of focusing on important moments, we get 50 chapters of Luffy fighting fodders and meaningless miniplots.
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All things considered, everything, it made me feel disgusted at the Strawhats.
BM, Kaidou, his crew, didn’t deserve to be turned into a joke, the allegedly strongest pirate alive, was just a tool to hype Luffy, who was the chosen one all along, all this worldbuilding, crumbling to pieces, like toys, so Oda can promote the popular toys, characters like Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, or their allies Law and Kidd, or the next Nami clone popping out of nowhere, who conveniently wants her dad to die, and what a piece of shit Yamato is, her fucking father died and she didn’t care the slightest bit, not even a fucking tear, and that’s only because he killed that other retard Oden. Oh Oden, Luffy never cared about listening to other people’s stories, but he was all fucking ears about Oden, Zoro that never participates in these kind of stuff now was all “omg, Enma so strong, Oden must have been a beast to wield it” or “Momo’s body is so strong, all thanks to Oden’s genetics OF COURSE” Sanji had his Linking Park AMV tier characterization and got plot deviced up after 10 tears of humiliation because the kids that watched him at the time of Alabasta, Skypiea and EL wanted him to be relevant again, and since he’s popular, he sells if he bullshit up his strength, Jinbei LITERALLY teleports to Wano, close to the SH, like he’s fucking Goku, so he can have his role in Onigashima, Robin has a character regression, and now her “demon” title is she spouting Tumblr shit, rather than a derogatory title given to her by the WG, which is far from the truth regarding her, Nami and Usopp are basically slave owners, but I cannot fault them too much, they’re following Luffy’s direction when he suggested Tama to enslave Speed, my bad, not Luffy, but Joyboy the guy who liberates slaves, by changing their owner, basically. Franky and Brook haven’t been ruined, but I argue that it’s because Oda hardly gave ‘em enough time to ruin them. Villains were comically one-dimensional evil mcbadguys, and yet still dragged the fuck out, Orochi especially.
Have I spoke about Kaidou’s quote about people strong enough to fight him? One is not like the others, 4 great leaders with enormous strength and wit, + you guessed it, fucking Oden.
Reading fictions require a level of suspension of disbelief, but when you see the fingers of the author in literally every single scene, it becomes impossible, the entire Wano Arc, characters became props, so that Oda could push several agendas, be it Oden, M3, Law, Kidd, Yamato, Sabo, Shanks and so on, fuck Wano, sincerely, at this point, I’m in only for the remaining side characters before Oda somehow clowns them like he did with Kaidou (haha, he drinks a lot, so he’s from the Vodka kingdom, that’s his backstory), fuck you Oda.
tl:dr : A lot. Pacing, bad use of new ultimately superflous characters, SMILE end up being useless, disappointing showing for zoans, sad arc for swordspeople, PIS and Plot contrivence all the time, unforced errors everywhere.

Peak Post-TS. In that it has everything people complain about with post-TS and doubles down on it.

A lot. In no specific order :

SMILE : the supply is already destroyed, production was slow and wasn't perfected. Did it really need to be a 9/10 chance to be a terrible self-own with a 1/10 chance to become a freak? For seemingly no true reward because the molst powerful SMILE users we saw never really looked like anything beyond fodder. A SMILE tobiroppo would ave been nice to show that it was ACTUALLY something useful. We even already one with a compatible design with Black maria ffs!

Devil Fruits in general actually : so the Beasts Pirates are the crew of zoans, but we jump from a glut of ancient zoans to the SMILE freak show, without any fun basic zoans appearing. It could have been so fun!
- Bat zoan, only flying mammal + echolocation boosted CoO
- Chameleon zoan, a non-ancien ryu ryu no mi, giving some stealth + prehensil tail + tongue attack (would have been better for WsW than "bigger Lucci")
- Platypus zoan, looks weird but if a dude gets it he has poisonous barbs for his kicks
- Kangaroo zoan, tail + hammer space in pouch
- stick/leaf insect, imagine a dude trying to pretend he can look like a tree in his hybrid form
- elephant seal zoan, largest "land" carnivore, near useless in full animal form but even then bulk+tekkai/CoA could do goofy stuff
- Terrorbird ancient zoan, instead of boring "spider but call it ancient"

Also the whole "ancient zoan" thing, where they aren't just strong because they are for big strong animals but also because they have better resilience and recovery just because.

Tobiroppo : P1 and Ulti got rekt by BM without doing anuything really engaging and Drake had some boring fight. Maria had a nice extended fight but after all the hype about "ancient zoooaaaans" + her size + her webs + her apparent illusionary ability you would think she wouldn't go down so quickly. I actually don't mind so much Sasaki's fight, just that it was short. WsW got a lot of backstory and hype, but just fights long enough to monologue exposition before getting slapped aside by Jinbei (and then doesn't seem to enjoy the fast recovery and resilience of ancient zoans for some reason). I quite fine with having Jinbei hang out with Zoro and Sanji in strength level, but it was still a bit unfortunate.

Red Scabbards : could have been better, feels like a few too many because Oda failed to give the latest aditions something to do. Kiku has a 1on1 against Kanjuro for some reason, but he gets back up 27 times so pointless, then is the only one to get crippled by Kaido's AoE attack (is "having the heart of a woman" a nerf? lol. Or maybe it was to show he wasn't any less of a man and could keep on fighting? lol). btw, why was it that of the 4 scabbards send forward in time, it was the only one that could swim that stayed on land while all the fruit users went sailing? Kawamatsu spends 13 years in a cage because Oda didn't know what to do with him, kills a few mooks, then goes back to not do much because Oda still doesn't know what to do with him, kek.

Hiyori : if it's how you are going to handle another Kozuki staying behind and surviving for 20yrs, might as well not introduced her. It would barely change anything. (Might need someone else to trade a sword for shisui, but that's it.) Ends up being a waste of time, never used correctly, Oda was probably touching himself about how getting prostitued to her family's nemesis and barking loud in front of a dying Orochi made her so "strong and comited". If this is peak Oda pls bring back editor oversight.

Yamato : I understand why you would like her if you are the target audience, but if you are a functionning adult you should feel insulted how she was forced into everything. Doesn't really add anything to the plot, the shogun thing made no sense (at least drop a line about Kaido trying to please his kid in his own fucked up way or smthg) Pretty sure she will be a SH by now, but compared to how Brooke or Franky were introduced to the crew it's just bad.

Arc wouldn't have lost anything if those two were never introduced, that's how bad it is. And it's actually a whole trend of new characters being introduced, Oda trying to give them something to do, but it never really feels necessary or whorthwhile.

Tama's fruit : so let me get this straight. There is a shitload a seastone in Wano, our protagonists take control of a quarry/weapon factory where seastone could reasonably be said to be mined/treated, the protagonists are getting ready to fight against a whole crew of fruit users who are super weak to seastone, but actually it's never going to come up and instead the mcguffin will be a devil fruit that can conveniently brainwash every beast pirate? ueueueueueueueue

Pacing : was it really necessary to have Carrot and Wanda lose against Perospero, just to have Nekomamushi come and finish the job? And to have Inu finish jack only on take 2? Have Carrot and Wanda win, and Neko+Inu handle Jack on the first try and you have the exact same result in half the time. (particularily sad in light of Carrot getting promoted to leader of the mink after that). And that's only the top of the iceberg.

Oden : so much time spent tryharding on making the viewer like a dead dude that was never foreshadowed and will barely come up after the arc. I guess the Squardo thing makes more sense, if Akainu told him that WB sat on his ass when Kaido killed the previous 2nd div commander. So the arc did one good thing!

Luffy promised to defeat BM personaly back in FI, the whole samurai/dragons thing dates back to Thriller Bark and Law suckered Luffy in an alliance by talking about taking down Kaido, but we end up with Luffy having a drawn out punch fight with Kaido, Law is going to fight against BM, and the swordpeople have to go against a fake-dragon/fake-swordman and/or have to have a whole teamup to take down the Spandam of the arc? the hell?

How are we supposed to believe Wano's reputation as being to able to fight off the WG if the only actual super-strong dude that came out of it is Oden and after that we drop to a handful of YC3 at most? (And not the most impressive.) Especially when Oda has Greenbull show up and solo manhandle the entire top samurai layer all at once?

Misoginy so unrelenting I can't just pretend I don't see it. The weakest Samurai is the one with the heart of a woman. The strongest female character is the one LARPing as a dude. Hot girls only fight hot girls (unless they LARP as a man), men only punch the ugly ones. Girl-Kozuki's greatest achievement is being Orochi favorite sex-object, half of Shinobu character is "hot or not"...
Are you sure you are reading the same manga? Luffy never has been an edge lord like that
At least take the fight seriously. Luffy took it very seriously at the climax of Arlong and Croc fight. As the climax against Kaidou, Luffy's attitude is way too friendly...theres almost no hostility or motive-related rage at all.

I dont mean edgelord either tho...more of like Luffy's going insane everytime he use G5...and he kinda likes it.
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Kaido not being given an awakening form
Kaido's flashback wasnt fleshed out
Aside from Who's who Flying Six had wasted potiental
The aliance never got the chance to low diff GreenCow (expected)

Sanji vs Queen
Zoro vs King (after unlocking CoC)

Both fights were short and turned out mad disappointing

and what a piece of shit Yamato is, her fucking father died and she didn’t care the slightest bit, not even a fucking tear, and that’s only because he killed that other retard Oden.
He has been abusing her, killing and enslaving people of the country she admires since childhood not to mention placing exploding cuffs on your own daugther..why would she what?
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Going into more detail:
1. Orochi is a good example of what’s wrong with Wano.

- Orochi could’ve been a powerful shogun, maybe not a powerful swordsman but with a literal mythical devil fruit based off of a godly snake you’d think oda would make up for it.

- Orochi vs Zoro was something people legit would’ve wanted if Orochi didn’t turn out to be so lame who only had a mythical devil fruit so everyone could get the “satisfaction” of killing him. Zoro fighting the shogun with a mythical devil fruit and a faux Oden swordsmanship (literally early wano said the people learn that Orochi used Orochi two sword style) would’ve made a much better narrative and given Zoro an actual connection to Wano (something he should’ve had)

- The fact that Oda decided to make Orochi a spandam style villain was so fucking disappointing. Although I like orochis character arc and backstory, him being a fodder was such a missed opportunity.

2. The complete pointlessness of Yasuie

- Yasuie was such a good character. He was a badass who once lead wano as a daimyo. He was a shimotsuki, he adopted toko (who also turned out to be pointless), and had a very badass death.

- What did all this achieve? A humor moment where Kinemon misunderstood the plan. Then the Yasuie death flashback was given to luffy the only straw hat who wasn’t even there and didn’t even meet Yasuie unlike the others.
Let's see:
- Big Mom and her crew were a joke
- Samurai and Ninja were annoying and underwhelming
- CP0's plotline (the most interesting surprise) ended up being random and rushed
- Drake and Hawkins were so badly mistreated that now people say they are veteran level.
- Supposedly the Island most involved with the Void Century and we barely got lore.
- Greenbull's actions make no sense. He is suddenly wary of Shanks, and yet he went to face an entire country with people who defeated 2 Yonko. What was he expecting to find?