General & Others What disappointed you the most in Wano?

Big mom
Kaido's flashback
Too much panel of irrelevant character
Repeat the same flashback
Yamato (I'm Oden)
Fake death and tension
The suppose final villain of the arc
True :josad:
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No awakenings for the emperors despite kaido mentioning it and knowing about it. Impel down jailers were awakened but kaido, the king of beasts wasn't? Sounds like a bad joke.
Wano Arc:

-Act 2 up until the conclusion of the Udon subplot was far too dragged and lackluster

Onigashima Arc:

-Yamato’s lack of proper characterization that sets her up to be a SH

-The milquetoast conclusion of Luffy vs Kaido which in the end just ended up being “Luffy punched him really hard into a volcano”, I expected something a bit more bombastic and meaningful for the defeat of the antagonist of a Super Saga

-The BM Pirates (besides Linlin and Perospero) were not involved in the conflict whatsoever besides an offscreen conflict with the Cipher Pol

-Page One did not receive an actual fight, he was in a few brawls but he deserved a real one on one with Usopp IMO

-The barebones Kaido flashback, even if we’re getting a Rocks Pirates flashback later we should have still gotten a chapter long flashback for Kaido that won’t be overshadowed by Rocks or the other members of the crew

-Ice Oni, one of the worst subplots in the entire series

-Hiyori’s lack of combat skills and the sort of meh ending to her conflict with Orochi

-Kanjuro’s continued annoying resurrections

-Ashura and Izo’s deaths, random.

Post-Onigashima Arc:


-A sort of rushed conclusion?

-The revelations we received weren’t exactly mind blowing, like Pluton is in Wano? Oh. Okay…?

-Carrot’s rushed story thread
I have a lot but I’ll write the ones that really annoyed me somewhat

1. The undwrwhelming fights of sanji and zoro: both their fights against king and queen felt rushed to me and while Zoros fight had cool panels I believe the progression of the fight was terrible. Sanji’s fight against queen was some mid if not even ass cuz for a major character getting his first 1 v 1 fight since what felt like forever it was done horribly.

2. The underutilization of king and his story: this is another one that confused me. We don’t really know much about king other than he’s a lunarian(something that wasn’t fleshed on) and his fight against zoro we don’t really see him at his most devastating form we don’t even see him utilize haki like that it’s mostly his fire abilities and defense but even that paled in comparison. All around oda dropped the ball with his character I feel like.

3. the scabbards: My God where do I start w this one?? So much wasted panels and nonsensical plot lines I.e kinemon somehow surviving and the death of izo and ashura being treated like an after thought and not having any kind of impact to the plot or characters whatsoever as we don’t even know they are dead till after the raid.

4. kid/law vs big mom: this was great if you liked kid/law lol big mom was made out to be a joke and for someone who had all types of abilities to not use it on some pis is something I never thought I’d see. We don’t see oda giving the necessary focus in this fight as much as he gave kaido and luffy but somehow in the end they all have the same bounties lmfaoooo WHAT???
Oden not living to the hype. He was supposed to be a mix of Luffy and Zoro, this larger than life character like Roger, Shanks and WB, but he failed in that, no one really care about him and he have less charisma them Kinemon.

His FB was really cool, but because of WB and Roger, not because of him.

Also the number of Wano centric characters, a lot of them could have been mixed in less character for the sake of giving more time to the SH. Characters like Chopper, Brook and Ussop have become basically background.

Also this "i'm Oden" bullshit of Yamato, i liked her powers, design and background with Ace, but cant believe someone like this Oden shit.

Also Otama, seriously why put her in the story?
Usopp's backslide into a coward and no cool haki moments
The minimal hints at Nika throughout the series (basically relegated to Who's who)
Sanji once again getting in trouble due to his simp nature
Pacing issues from incredibly slow to ridiculously fast (and the overall length)
No conclusion to Big Mom and Kaidou (they still will not use the word dead)
No overt showing of awakening for the antagonists (there are signs they were but never confirmed)

Those would be the major things. There are minor things I didn't like or didn't make sense, but that happens every arc. I never bought into ZKK or raid fails, and I always thought Yonko>Admirals>Commanders. Some admirals/commanders can create a high diff fight for someone above. So I don't have nearly the amount of problems other people had in terms of power scaling and theories.

I don't think it is the worst arc, but it certainly didn't live up to the sky high potential. I also don't think Oda was referring to Wano with that Marineford comment.