General & Others What disappointed you the most in Wano?

For me it’s gotta be Kaido
None of his character’s deeper philosophies were fleshed out, after being hinted at
There were barely any contrasting themes that were highlighted between him and Luffy
His backstory is basically non-existent
The fight lost its tension

And this is one of if not the most but up villain so far in the story

He’s truly the meat and potato’s of the issues I had with Wano
This made me want to drop wano in its entirety

Really just for a break week cliffhanger
This didn't even advance the plot at all you can remove this and the arc wouldn't change.

In terms of characters tho
Oden is trash tier
Yamato is trash tier
Scabbards except Kinemon and Raizo are trash tier

The main villains depth and character were sacrificed for side trash
Since the arc is basically over, I think it's fine to ask this question.
Can be the treatment of one or several characters, story choices from Oda, dropped plot points, a particular fight... etc.
The realization that Lolda took his loyal readers for granted. :josad:

How else would you explain dropping every ZKK-related plotline, Kaido being given a 3-page backstory and ever-changing motivations, having the Beast Pirates sidelined on their one and only arc to highlight characters nobody cared about or pet projects like Eiichiro Oden, Otameh, and Momoron, making a consistent joke out of Linlin and her crew, treating half the SHs like a nuisance, giving Toki and her plotline hints complete irrelevancy, and retconning Gomu-Gomu no Mi which we have come to know and love for 25 years? :catcry: